Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Where in I talk about my second* favorite subject**.

CLOTHES!!! I love clothes! And shoes. Oh, shoes! And purses! Although I haven't bought a purse in quite a while. Well, since last March when I bought my cute white Hobo bag from Coach while I was on vacation. But I digress.

Last year I made my first trip to Vegas, from here on out known as Meca. The Forum Shoppes were everything I hoped they would be and more. I'm not sure how but I made it out of there with only 2 dresses from Calvin Klein, the afore mentioned Coach bag and a new pair of Oakleys. Miracle!

Just today I realized that my favorite fashion blogger is in Denver! As in Colorado! As in not very far from here! Denver is now on my Must List for places to shop.

*Very far second only behind music.

**Yes Mom, I know my closet is way over stuffed, but I really do like that shirt. Hint, hint!

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