Thursday, February 25, 2010

RIP Dolce

My Betta Dolce died yesterday. Just like my sister has an irrational fear of birds, I too have an irrational fear - of fish. I know, it's stupid. But isn't that why it's an irrational fear?

Anyway, I had just cleaned the fish bowl a few days ago so there was still about 2 gallons of water in it. Obviously I couldn't dump all of that water down the toilet, but also, Dolce couldn't be normal when he died. He sunk to the bottom. So...I thought I'd just dump most of the water down the bathroom sink and then when most of the water was gone I'd dump the fish in the toilet.

So I'm standing in the bathroom pouring the excess water down the sink when I feel the familiar feeling of kitty claws crawling up the back of my leg. While I was distracted by the claws was when Dolce decided to slide out of the fish bowl and into the sink.

Now remember what I said about irrational fears?

I was so creeped out from seeing a dead fish sucked into the drain that I had to run out into the living room. I was shaking and tearing up and I finally had to just go sit on the couch.

To re-cap: dead fish in the bathroom sink and I'm too freaked out to even get off the couch.

This is where I make my second big mistake: I start txting my friends to see if any of them would be willing to come over and pluck the dead fish out of my sink. The only response I got was laughing. Lots and lots of laughing.

Finally my friend Mary Lou said she would rescue me from the, "Ninja Fish." That's what Jake called it. He thought that would make me not feel so stupid.

So there's my Wednesday night story. Don't I feel stupid.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Here's Something...

Any of you who know about my health problems will understand why I find this alarming: I've been so busy the last couple of weeks that I've been eating fast food and haven't had time to work out. Yet I've lost 4 pounds. My clothes are loose. I haven't had any stomach cramps or any other Crohn's symptoms, but it still makes me nervous.

Off to make cookies!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


How is it that I have a million things going on, more things to do in a day than hours and yet I have absolutely NOTHING to write about?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Past

I had spent weeks trying to think of the best possible Valentine's present for J and finally decided that a diamond and titanium watch was the perfect gift. After all, we'd been together for 5 years. That kind of longevity deserved a diamond watch.

He gave me a 3 year old used Palm Pilot that was covered in Thor Racing stickers and had a cracked case. No thanks. He also answered a phone call during dinner from a woman he'd cheated on me with. Oh hells no! I took the watch back. A few months later I took my heart back. He's now out of work and living in the house he built for us with his new girlfriend. She likes to complain about the comfort height cabinets in the master bathroom and kitchen. I'm tall. She's not. So sad.

It took me three years, but I finally feel like I dodged a bullet.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Feeling Things Out

I'm the band leader of our Praise Team at our church. No, we don't have a name even though we've been playing together for years, yes, we are working on it. Right now there's a rather large list of things that we need: new recording equipment, an updated keyboard, new drum heads, some of our mics are lacking, etc. We've brainstormed the idea of doing a concert with a free will offering to raise the money and while I think that this will raise enough money to cover SOME of what we need, I'm pretty sure it won't cover ALL of it.

So I've been thinking. I know, my mind is a dark and scary place that should only be explored if you absolutely have to. But! Here me out! I have a modest fan base here in the Gallatin County for my music. Not the music that I make with the rest of the band, but my own music. What if I were to record an album of Gospel standards, pull Rob and Doug in and record as a trio, then sell copies of said album with 100% of the proceeds going back into the Praise Team?

What do you guys think? Would you pay $10 for a live gospel recording?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Poor Zippy!

Ever since I moved into my appartment four years ago, Super Bowl Weekend has meant bad things happen to my car.

The first year someone had sex on the hood, denting it.

The second year someone was so angry that they pulled the whiper arms off and shoved them through the hood!

The third year it was tagged.

The fourth year it was tagged again.

This year my poor little car was egged. 12 cars in the parking lot and mine was the only one hit. I was obviously targeted.

I love living in a small town with small minded, jealous people.