Tuesday, November 30, 2010


As of tonight I will be a SENIOR CONSULTANT!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Holy Really, Batman?

See this one? I love him to pieces. He's the most loving, cuddly ball of fluff ever. Every time I see him he just makes me smile. This weekend however he was about to give me a nervous break down.

Saturday I got home from work to find that he had knocked over the kitchen garbage can, eaten a discarded wrapper from a stick of butter and then proceeded to puke in every single room in my house. One of my greatest fears with all 3 of my cats is intestinal blockages. Don't ask me why. It's just something that I've always worried about, so while I laughed and joked about it when my friends afterwards and was completely grossed out about having to clean up cat puke, inside I was glad that his little tummy decided to say, "Nope! That's not going through!"

Solution to 16 lb. cat tipping over 13 gallon garbage can: 30 lb. bag of sand in the bottom. Try knocking that one over, Little Man!

Now if only the hijinks had stopped there. But they didn't.

I've never been so glad for snow in my life than I was last night. I got home around 7:30 from doing laundry at my parents house. As I walked into the house with my first basket of clothes Logan darted in between my feet and outside into the street! Mostly white cat, mostly white snow, oh and did I mention it was snowing and visibility was crap? I live on a very busy street. This is my second worst nightmare when it comes to my cats. Fortunately he jumped back up on the sidewalk and then ran around the corner of the building. I tracked him through the snow and found him about 3 minutes and one heart attack later.

I really hope this isn't an indication of how the rest of his life is going to go.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Nothing boosts your self esteem like browzing the interwebs and coming across a picture of a Victoria's Secret model wearing a bikini in her down time that you too own...and seeing her look WAY better in it than you could ever hope too.

Back to the gym I go! Thank you so much, Miranda Kerr.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What a day!

One of my longest and dearest friends, Andrea, had her little boy this morning AND I got my first Mary Kay team memeber! Could today get any better?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thank you very much, iTunes

So last night I accidentally threw away my cash card when I threw out my CVS bag. Oops! I didn't realize it until I went to put cash in Zippy so I wrote a check, filled her up and went home to each lunch and call the bank.

I called the bank and got the most rude woman ever on the phone. She informed me that my account was overdrawn and until it's fixed they won't order me a new card and then she hung up on me. I wanted to ask her how much I was overdrawn, what charges were going through, etc. because I hadn't used my card any where other than CVS all weekend.

Fast forward 20 minutes and I'm back at work. I log onto my bank account and sure enough, I'm overdrawn almost $70 and the check I wrote to the gas station hasn't even hit the bank yet. Yikes! I tab over to the transactions page and right there at the top of the list is a charge for $150 from iTunes. I'll admit I use iTunes occasionally, but NEVER $150 worth at a time. Also, the last time I downloaded anything was before I left on vacation which was over 3 weeks ago and that charge has already gone through.

Now I'm looking for a phone number for iTunes to find out what the heck they're charging me for. Anyone have a phone number?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Grammar Hogan of Quail Ridge

AKA: Logan. Almost sounds like a Royal Title doesn't it?
This is where I found him when I got out of the shower last night. At the time he needed a bath. Do you think he knew?
This was when we were watching Phantom of the Opera the other night. Every time Gerrard Buttler started singing his ears would go back and he'd wallow further into the blankets. Me thinks he doest not like Mr. Buttler's pipes.

I took this one the day after I got him. We were at the "Other House" in Prineville.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Where in I talk about my second* favorite subject**.

CLOTHES!!! I love clothes! And shoes. Oh, shoes! And purses! Although I haven't bought a purse in quite a while. Well, since last March when I bought my cute white Hobo bag from Coach while I was on vacation. But I digress.

Last year I made my first trip to Vegas, from here on out known as Meca. The Forum Shoppes were everything I hoped they would be and more. I'm not sure how but I made it out of there with only 2 dresses from Calvin Klein, the afore mentioned Coach bag and a new pair of Oakleys. Miracle!

Just today I realized that my favorite fashion blogger http://www.thechloeconspiracy.com/ is in Denver! As in Colorado! As in not very far from here! Denver is now on my Must List for places to shop.

*Very far second only behind music.

**Yes Mom, I know my closet is way over stuffed, but I really do like that shirt. Hint, hint!

Friday, November 12, 2010


So I had this piece prepared for my 100th post, a list of 100 things about me, but I totally spaced my 100th post and really, who wants to know that much about me? So I'm just going to do a top 10. Feel free to stop reading now.

1. I've fallen in love exactly 3 times in my life.
2. I've had my heart broken exactly 3 times.
3. I have irrational fears of birds and fish.
4. While I love cats, I really don't want cat "stuff." No socks, no shirts, no signs hanging in my house. I have one cat magnet on my fridge. Even that almost seems like a bit much.
5. If I could spend every birthday at Disney Land I would. It's hard to freak out over turning a year older when you're riding the Maliboomer.
6. As Marlo so eloquently stated I love shoes, purses and lipgloss.
7. No matter how long I live in Bozeman, Bend will always be home.
8. Even though I have an irrational fear of fish, I still like to watch them swim.
9. If I could quit my job and teach music full time I would.
10. I'm looking forward to my car being paid off in July. This will be the first vehicle that I've ever paid off. Ever. My savings account is looking forward to it!

Monday, November 8, 2010


This trip has been a whirlwind! I'm headed back to MT tomorrow morning with a few fewer dollars in my bank account, one more cat in tow than previously expected and a whole lot of fond memories. Now I can't wait to come back! Loft! White House/Black Market! Grandma's home cooking! Laughing and shopping with Shelly! I forgot how much fun this place can be!

My camera's not working, but there are a bunch of pics from my phone on Facebook under mobile uploads if you want to check them out.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quick Rant

Dear Customer:

It is not my responsibility to reconcile your records to ours when you get 6 months behind on your bill and are "too busy" to figure it out. I'm sorry we had to cut you off, but you've been warned for the last 4 months that this was going to happen. I make you signs. I am not your accountant.

Your Disgruntled
Point of Purchase Advertiser

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

6 of One, Half Dozen of the Other

So the latest rumor out of Hollywood is that Billy Ray Cirus's wife Tish cheated on him with Brett Michaels. I really don't care if this is true or not, but it does beg the question; is Brett Michaels a step up from Billy Ray or is this more of a lateral move?