Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thank you very much, iTunes

So last night I accidentally threw away my cash card when I threw out my CVS bag. Oops! I didn't realize it until I went to put cash in Zippy so I wrote a check, filled her up and went home to each lunch and call the bank.

I called the bank and got the most rude woman ever on the phone. She informed me that my account was overdrawn and until it's fixed they won't order me a new card and then she hung up on me. I wanted to ask her how much I was overdrawn, what charges were going through, etc. because I hadn't used my card any where other than CVS all weekend.

Fast forward 20 minutes and I'm back at work. I log onto my bank account and sure enough, I'm overdrawn almost $70 and the check I wrote to the gas station hasn't even hit the bank yet. Yikes! I tab over to the transactions page and right there at the top of the list is a charge for $150 from iTunes. I'll admit I use iTunes occasionally, but NEVER $150 worth at a time. Also, the last time I downloaded anything was before I left on vacation which was over 3 weeks ago and that charge has already gone through.

Now I'm looking for a phone number for iTunes to find out what the heck they're charging me for. Anyone have a phone number?

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