Monday, February 9, 2009

Korman aka: Turtle

Where to start with Korman...We met through a mutual musician friend and hit it off immediately. I can't remember why I started calling her The Turtle, but she started calling me dude at one point too. I think it had something to do with Finding Nemo?
Turtle's one of my best friends even though she lives just outside Seattle and I very rarely get to see her. So rarely in fact that I missed her wedding this last August. The job that almost killed me wouldn't let me take the weekend off to go to the wedding. Thank GOD I don't work at that company anymore!
Korman and I share a deep and abiding love for The Girls Next Door. So much in fact that there have been serious conversations about boycotting E! when the show ends in two weeks. We also share a love of Janet Evanovich books, although we both think that she's been phoning it in with her last couple of books. We used to see ourselves in Stephanie Plum, especially the whole eye twitch thing, but now she's just predictable. She was one of two people who's response to my naming my cats Rory and Suki was, "I love the Gilmore Girls!"
Now she likes to remind me that on the show Suki was the fat one, not Rory. Oops.

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Kori said...

Aww... Dude!! I love it! Too cute! And as I recall the "Dude" "Turtle" thing came from a drunken conversation that eventually ended in a deep and meaningful discussion of the dude turtle on Finding Nemo.

Thanks for adding me to your blog man! Now text me so I can yell about why I think Hef should publicly appologize for saying that he didn't miss Holly, Bridget, and Kendra, AND why it's crap that Kendra is the only one to get her own show after The Girls Next Doors ends...still in denial on