Thursday, August 25, 2011


This last weekend we tackled the dreaded "Wedding Checklist."* Things we checked off:

Caterer - Stan and Marty "Mrs. Clause" Veltkamp
Flowers - Costco, although now Mom's trying to change this one up and I'm having second thoughts about the "collection" we chose. I think they'll clash with the girls' dresses and my sash.
Engagement Photos - Sept. 8 with Kathy Weirda
Save the Date Cards
Invitations - they're picked out, now just waiting for enough Michael's coupons to buy them...
The Commons contract - it just showed up in my in-box courtesy of Korrie

We're making progress!

*Dreaded because every time I'd bring up doing anything wedding related Josh would look at me a little bit pissy and say, "I thought this wasn't going to take over our lives!" Guess what Sweetheart, some things have to be discussed. It doesn't all just magically happen!

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