Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shooting Myself in the Foot

We had harassment training at work this morning. The emphasis was on sexual harassment, but it really covered all kinds of harassment. Towards the end of the training there was a slide outlining harassment that just creates a hostile work environment and I'll be danged if my old boss at the job that sucked my soul didn't do ABSOLUTELY EVERY SINGLE ONE to me before I left. I never even occured to me that what she was doing qualified as harassment. I just knew that I hated working there and it was making me seriously ill.

Lesson learned!

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Marty said...

I had one of those. I finally left just to preserve my health because the boss with no guts wouldn't deal with her. I still see this lady from time to time and she acts like she never did anything wrong. Actually I think you worked in the same place as a teller. Watch out for Bavarian women in wool suits!