Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The One Where I Babble About Skittish Boys

So HG drove over 2 hours to suprise me last Friday. Sweet gesture, no? Except he didn't get to town until 11 Friday night and had to head back the next day. But other than the poor execution, I give him props.

But here's the thing. He lives two hours away for the time being. I have a very demanding day job and two home businesses that require my attention on a dayly basis. I communicate primarily via email and txt message. His project is so far out in the woods he doesn't have internet or cell access, making him inaccessable.

He told my friend that introduced us seven years ago that I move too fast.

Move. Too. Fast.

I can see saying that when you're trying to follow me around the office and I'm supposed to be training you. My day job is more of a marathon length sprint, not so much a jog in the park.

I can see saying that when you're trying to shop with me. I'm a turbo shopper.

I can see that if you'r in my band and we're learning a new song. I catch on quick and you better keep up.

But dating? I barely have time to clean my house. If I see you twice a week we're doing good. Once a week is far more the norm.

Not to mention that his friends were around the entire time we were together. I'm not so much a PDA person.

Is that moving too fast? Really?

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