Tuesday, March 23, 2010

03/13/10 Vacation Day 1

After only three hours of sleep I woke up at the crack of dawn, threw the last of my crap in a bag and headed over to my Aunt Victoria's to embark on a 7 day experiment in crazy making. Because so many things went wrong we're going to tackle this one day at a time.

We'd only been on the road for about an hour and a half before we hit snow, just before Island Park, ID. It was only spitting so I didn't think too much of it. When we got to Salt Lake City and only had 10 feet of visibility I still didn't really think too much of it. Oh, but around some little town that started with an "F" I sure did! We had to pull over to scrape the windshield wipers. When we got to the next town we had to chip three inches of ice off the front of the car. This was only the begining.

About 10 miles before Cedar City we and the other 1 million cars on the freeway had to stop. Not one, not two, but FOUR semis had jack knifed on the interstate. In three hours we only moved 20 feet. The first hour was kind of fun. We ate apples, havarti and smoked turkey. We people watched. The mouth breather in the PT Cruiser in front of us kept getting out of his car and pacing around out in the snow. It was all sort of comical. Around hour 2 we both had to go to the bathroom. By the time hour 3 rolled around we were despirate.

Finally we made it to Cedar City and since we'd been on the road for 14 1/2 hours we decided to call it a day and start again on Sunday. We found a fantastic hotel, showered, ate and then turned in for the night.

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