Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1 Packs a Punch

I'm a person of habit. So much so that you can set a clock by my getting ready routine in the morning.

5:00: Alarm goes off. Hit snooze.

5:05: Alarm goes off again. Hit snooze again.

5:10: Alarm goes off yet again. Hit snooze yet again. Tell 2 to shut up.

5:15: Alarm goes off a fourth time. Hit snooze for the final time and tell 3 to quit howling.

5:20: Alarm goes off. Unhook 1 from my hair so I can get up.

5:25: Feed 3 his Fancy Feast.

This is where the story deviated this morning. About 30 seconds after I fed 3 and turned my back I heard a WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP coming from the direction of the food dish. I turned around just in time to see 1 hit 3 in the head three times and then swipe his food. It's a good thing he's passive because he weighs more than twice what she does and he could do her some SERIOUS damage, all caps.

I guess I can see who wears the pants in this feline herd and it's not the male!

UPDATE: This morning 1 made another play for 3's food but this time he didn't back down. In order to keep the peace and avoid 1's untimely end I gave 1 her own can. Hopefully 2 won't catch on to this!


Marty said...

I have two Westies, a boy and a girl. We got the girl as a pup, she's now 6, and the boy a year ago, he's now 5. From day 1 the girl let the boy know in no uncertain terms that he was NOT allowed to eat until she was completely finished. It's hilarious to watch him lay sadly on the floor waiting for her to finish!

M. said...

I just feel the need to point out that you use your snooze button FAR more than I use mine.

That is all. :)