Saturday, March 7, 2009

R Bar, thanks for the memories!

Early Thursday morning a tragedy hit our little town. A gas leak downtown caused an explosion that ultimately ended up destroying 5 Main Street businesses. One of those businesses was the Rocking R Bar. My very first paying gig as a musician was at the R Bar. Once upon a time that was my home away from home. It sounds silly, but I feel like a huge part of my past was ripped away when that building burned. When Love of My Life and I went on our first date we followed up a hockey game with a trip to the R Bar. Music on Main wasn't complete without stopping at the R Bar for a vodka lemonade. Every Christmas Eve since I turned 21, after the family festivities were over I'd head downtown to the R Bar to meet up with classmates that were visiting. It was our yearly class reunion or sorts. The last couple of years it had been over run with college students so my friends and I tended to go up the street to 317 or the Pour House, but the R was our miss-spent youth. I'm sure Mike and Ralph will re-build, but it won't the the same Rocking R Bar. It won't be ouR Bar.

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